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‘It Was Total Chaos:' Witnesses Describe Scene of West Loop SUV and Pedestrian Crash

The incident happened at around 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon near Randolph and Halsted streets

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Witnesses on Friday afternoon recounted the terrifying moments an SUV plowed into three pedestrians in Chicago's West Loop.

The incident happened at around 4:30 p.m. near Randolph and Halsted streets. According to police, the driver of a black Hyundai Santa Fe was traveling southbound on Halsted when he tried to make a green light, swerved out of control and struck three pedestrians who were crossing the street.

Kevin Hillsbery, the general manager of the nearby Haymarket Pub and Brewery, said the three men — and another man who wasn't hit — had just visited the bar before the crash.

"I was hanging out with the guys. They were in the bar," he said. "...They walked out. I turned around, and one of the guys was laying outside the door."

Hillsbery added that the scene was "total chaos."

Another witness, Kary Marz, said approximately 10 people were standing in front of the Haymarket when the SUV hit the victims.

"I saw the black SUV kinda plow through the intersection, going fairly fast," Marz said.

Video from the scene appeared to show multiple vehicles crashed, one of which was on the sidewalk. At least two people were on the ground, one on a sidewalk and another in the road.

A third bystander, Emma Bauer, was on the way to a cycling class when she said the SUV "came out of nowhere.”

Along with the three victims, the driver was also transported to the hospital, fire officials said.

One victim, a 45-year-old man was transported to the hospital with head injuries and listed in critical condition. Two other victims, a 36-year-old man and a second 45-year-old man, both sustained minor injuries, police said.

The driver, a 47-year-old man, was taken to the hospital for a head laceration and listed in good condition.

One motorist was clipped, but refused medical treatment.

"It was like out of a movie, because... I didn't know if cars could stop," Bauer said. "So I started running the other way. Is this car coming for me?"

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