Isaac Remnants Provide Rainy Start to Labor Day Weekend

Grab the umbrella, because it's going to be a wet start to Labor Day weekend.

Remnants of Hurricane Isaac to arrived in Chicago Saturday afternoon bringing lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightning in many areas near the city. Showers and storms are expected to continue through the night , according to NBC Chicago Meteorologist Cheryl Scott.

The National Weather Service reported two tornados touching down in north-central Illinois.

Marshall County Sheriff's Office spokesman Rockie Harber told the Associated Press that the first tornado was spotted in an unpopulated area along the Illinois River to the south of the village of Hopewell.

A second tornado briefly touched the ground in a rural area of western Marshall County, the Associated Press reported.

No damage was reported in the areas where the tornados touched down, reported the Associated Press.

A tornado watch remains in effect for much of central Illinois until 9 p.m., according to NBC Chicago meteorologist Cheryl Scott.

Closer to Chicago, the slow moving storm produced showers with embedded thunderstorms, some of which produced very heavy rainfall.

"The leading band of rain associated with the remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac will spread north through the south and west suburbs of Chicago this morning," the weather service said early Saturday. About a quarter to half an inch of rainfall per hour can be expected, said the weather service.

The weather service also warned of increased risk of rip currents in Lake Michigan and it remains in effect until Sunday evening.

About an hour before the weather service issued the rip currrent warning, emergency crews rescued two teenage swimmers in distress Saturday morning.

Anyone going to the beach on Saturday is advised to heed the advice of lifeguards and the beach patrol in addition to paying attention to flags and posted signs.

Labor Day Weekend is not expected to be a complete washout.

By Labor Day, the storms will move out, said Scott. Monday's forecast is partly sunny and humid with highs in the low to mid-80s, she said.

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