Is Deep-Dish Headed for the White House?

Barack Obama brings change to the country and to the menu

Just days after Election Day, and there's already plenty of news coverage on who Barack Obama will be taking with him to the White House. Right down to the First Dog!

But all this overlooks one very important question: what about the food?

The current White House Executive Chef is Cristeta Comerford. Serving the President since 2005, she is the first woman to be selected for the position, as well as the first of Filipino descent. She might actually fit in quite well with the new First Family: her first job was at the Sheraton Hotel near O'Hare.

But will Chicago's "garden on a bun" hot dogs, lightly-dipped Italian beefs, and gut-busting deep-dish pizzas be making any sloppy messes in the Oval Office?

It doesn't seem likely. According to the MenuPages blog, the Obamas are well-known for their tastes in healthy food and haute cuisine. However, in The Audacity of Hope, Barack sang the praises of the simple comfort foods of MacArthur's. So who knows what's in store for the White House dining table?

Whatever the cuisine, the new President may pair it with a light brew or a hearty wine. If so, it will be the first time the White House has served alcohol since 2000, as the current White House resident does not drink alcohol. (After multiple accounts of alcohol abuse, Bush stopped drinking in 1986.)

I wonder if Obama likes Goose Island beer?

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