A Fashion Don't Could Keep You Out of Work

Dress the part in today's tight job market!

Need a job?  Look in the mirror!

How you dress may be just as important as your resume. 

Investing in how you look is a smart strategy in tough economic times, says Bridget Smith, known locally as "The Wardrobe Coach."    Smith is offering free consultations for those who are out of work and actively looking.

The new jobless numbers have spiked to 8.1% nationally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  That's a loss of 12.5 million jobs.  So with the competition tougher than ever, your look could help you land the job you want. 

Smith said it will "give you a distinct advantage."  Looking good also makes you feel better about your appearance and, hence, more confident and composed during the interview. 

  WBBM radio reports that some are turning to psychics for economic help (listen here)

These qualities she says, inspire trust and confidence in potential employers.  

"First impressions are made within a few seconds after meeting," Smith said. "Based on your visual appearance, your potential employer will either view you as a good fit for the organization or a bad one before you’ve even had a chance to sell your skills."
"You can use those first few seconds to your advantage by dressing professionally," she added.  "Dressing up will show that you not only have respect for yourself, but also for the organization and for the person with whom you are interviewing."
Dos and Don'ts  From "The Wardrobe Coach:"
       - Wear dressy, tailored separates or a classic suit in a neutral color, such as black, navy or charcoal grey.
        -Wear a tailored dress shirt and coordinating tie.
        -Wear clean and polished shoes. Women should wear pumps with a heel height allowing them to walk confidently.
        -Wear a skirt that hits just above, at, or just below the knee.
        -For women, always wear hosiery in a color to match your skin color.   Bring an extra pair with you in case you get a snag or a run in them on the way to the interview.
      - Wear clothes that fit properly. A slight alteration can make a big difference in the way a garment lays on your body.
       -Have clean manicured nails.
       - Wear a clean watch with a metal or neutral leather band.
        -For men, match your socks to your pants.
       - Wear a neat, professional hairstyle that is kept away from your face.
        -Carry a nice briefcase or portfolio to hold your resume.
        -Carry a conservative leather tote or handbag that coordinates with your outfit.
      - Wear flashy jewelry, bright colors or bold prints.
      - Wear thick or colorful makeup.
      - Wear a low-cut blouse or short skirt.
      - Wear cologne or perfume.
      - Wear anything with a logo on it.
      - Wear a sports watch.
      - Chew gum or have anything else in your mouth.
      - Smoke before the interview.

Unless you are interviewing for a creativer position, it is best to dress conservatively in neutral colors.

If you live in the Chicago area, tell The Wardrobe Coach your story and you could receive a free consultation

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