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Is deep dish pizza casserole? Fierce Reddit thread debates the classification of a Chicago staple

Debate over preferred pizza in Chicago is an argument that can unite and divide Chicago-area residents of all backgrounds.

While arguments over Chicago's deep-dish pizza typically revolve around whether the food is truly treasured by Chicagoans or just tourists, a new debate over the thick pies has emerged on the r/chicago subreddit.

It started with a post emphatically declaring that "deep dish pizza is not casserole," setting aside the debate over its Chicago authenticity or how it compares to other styles of pizza.

The original poster voiced serious concerns over whether the classification of deep-dish pizza as casserole could lead to a much looser interpretation of what qualifies as casserole.

"Is it cooked and served in a pyrex dish? Is it a dense mixture of ingredients suspended in heavy cream? Are we calling all open face pan crusted foods 'casseroles'? Imagine the implications of this...," the redditor warned.

The Meriam-Webster dictionary definition for a casserole focuses on the dish the food is cooked in, defining it as "a dish in which food may be baked and served" and "food cooked and served in a casserole."

While the original poster's passionate take on the subject would imply that other Chicagoans believed deep-dish pizza to be a casserole, commenters seemed to be in unison with the sentiment that the Chicago food is not akin to a tuna casserole.

"I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. It's just a light-hearted diss towards deep dish pizza," one commenter said.

Perhaps one of the more simple opinions that Chicagoans can get together on: pizza of a kinds, sizes and shapes is amazing.

"Call it whatever you want, I call it delicious," one commenter indifferent on classification said.

"I actually like deep dish pizza. I also like many other types of pizzas. Not sure why people get all weird about it saying it's for tourists. Some places are good, some are not like every other type of food the city has to offer," another redditor said.

While Chicagoans are known to argue with each other, we seem to be united in not really caring what people call deep-dish pizza.

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