Boy Inspired by ‘A Christmas Story' Puts Tongue on Frozen Pole

An 11-year-old northern Illinois boy couldn't resist testing the theory that when you apply your tongue to a frozen metal pole, it'll stick.

Spencer Cline found out the hard way that it does. And it hurts. A lot.

He recently told The (Aurora) Beacon-News his inspiration came from where you'd expect: The movie, "A Christmas Story," where one friend dares another to put his tongue on a frozen pole.

The Sandwich Middle School student was with a friend. But the friend didn't dare him.

As his tongue stuck, Cline panicked, struggling to communicate he was no longer joking around.

The friend searched for hot water, then called an ambulance. Cline managed to pry away his aching tongue in the interim. His sensation was that half his tongue stayed on the pole.

He was treated and released. He and his tongue are expected to make a full recovery.

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