Indy Remakes, Then Pulls “Super Bowl Shuffle” Video

Video Mocked By Youtube Users

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We just came to steal your shuffle/
that's what led this video kerfuffle/

The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association should have thought twice before posting a remade "Super Bowl Shuffle" video to their YouTube channel as a way to promote the 2012 Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The tourism agency was forced to remove the YouTube video, which featured hotel and restaurant workers singing reworked lyrics to the Chicago Bears' 1985 rap song.

Commenters mocked the video and called for its removal. One viewer called it an "abomination." Others started a Facebook page asking that it be killed.

Chris Gahl, a tourism association spokesman, told the Indianapolis Star the video was not intended to promote the city of Indianapolis, Ind. He said it was produced to promote a trade show in Chicago.  Mmmhmmm.

The Super Bowl Shuffle video is a source of pride for Bears fans and any remakes--no matter how harmless--will pull the wrath and ire of dedicated Bears fans. Last year's commercial remake drew poor reviews.

Indianapolis might not be New York, Los Angeles or even Chicago, but the Indy Tourism board should have known there would be better ways to highlight the Midwest city without crossing into Windy City turf.

Maybe officials of the board thought it would be entertaining, draw people to the city or maybe, since the Colts aren't having the best season, they are rooting for the Bears.

Whatever the reason, the people have spoken and hey, the board wasn't here "to start no trouble" right?

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