Indiana Water Park Shut Down by Health Department After Reports of Chemical Burns

A northwest Indiana water park has reportedly been shut down after reports two children were chemically burned.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports the Porter County Health Department shut down Seven Peaks Waterpark Duneland for not having proper permits and inspections.

The health department told the publication the park opened last week without necessary permits, proper inspections and water samples, adding that it had opened without a chlorine feeder in operation.

The Porter Fire Department said it was contacted Friday for reports of a possible issue with high levels of chemicals at the water park that may have caused injuries.

“To check for any immediate danger to the public a spot check was conducted,” the fire department wrote in Facebook post.

The department said it referred the matter to the Porter County Health Department.

“We know there were at least two children [in need of medical attention] and there could have been more,” the health department’s administrator, Keith Letta, told the NWI Times.

Letta said the park was closed until it can pass an inspection and “get equipment up and running.”

Seven Peaks Resort, which also has three parks in Utah, could not immediately be reached for comment on the matter.

A message at Seven Peaks Waterpark Duneland, however, notes the park is “temporarily closed for maintenance.”

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