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Cops Accused of Slapping, Using Taser on Boy

10-year-old hit, kicked officers at home day care center.



    Cops Accused of Slapping, Using Taser on Boy
    Martinsville, Indiana Police Captain William Jennings (L), Darren Johnson (R)

    Using a Taser on a 10-year-old... too much?

    An officer and a police captain are on administrative leave after using what some say is excessive force against a child.

    The Martinsville, Ind., officers visited a home day care Tuesday in response to a call that a boy was being combative and trying to harm other children and caretakers.  It was not their first visit to the home on such reports.

    The department said that when the officers arrived the boy was out of control, hitting and kicking and refusing to listen to them.  Captain William Jennings struck the boy in the mouth with an open hand and officer Darren Johnson used a stun gun to subdue him, police said.

    The boy has two burn marks on his left arm, police said.

    Assistant Police Chief Dan Riffel says the Morgan County Sheriff's Department will investigate the incident.