Indiana Police Confiscate $250,000 Worth of Pot in Highway Traffic Stop

The vehicle was stopped due to a traffic violation, when an estimated “street” value of $250,000 worth of marijuana was discovered inside

Authorities in Indiana confiscated more than 78 pounds of marijuana at a traffic stop Monday morning.

Indiana State Police said a trooper in Hancock County noticed a black SUV around 11 a.m. weaving outside the traffic lanes while patrolling Interstate 70. The trooper discovered an estimated “street” value of $250,000 worth of marijuana inside the vehicle.

An Indiana Officer did not shy away from having some fun with this case on Twitter. Sgt. John Perrine wrote "somebody's 4/20 celebration is canceled #WeWillCatchYou ."

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Christian Elie, 51, of Elbert Colorado was driving the 2017 Ford Expedition and was accompanied by 42-year-old Austin Johnson of Indianapolis, police said.

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Officials said both men were arrested and transported to the Hancock County Jail on preliminary drug charges.

Troopers will work with the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office to determine formal charges.

The investigation was still ongoing as of Tuesday afternoon.

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