Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Apologizes for Not Wearing Mask in Public

The photo, which was posted to social media, showed Holcomb and two others at a southern Indiana restaurant Saturday

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has apologized for not wearing a mask in a photo with two people inside a southern Indiana restaurant — just one day after he issued a recommendation for people to wear face coverings in public.

The photo, which was posted to social media, showed Holcomb and two others, who also weren't wearing masks, at the Hobnob restaurant Saturday in the town of Nashville.

Holcomb said in a statement that he spent the night at the Governor's residence in Brown County, and while picking up takeout for dinner, he left his mask in his vehicle.

"It was a lapse in my usual vigilance," he said. "I should have gone back out to the car to get my mask. My apologies to all the healthcare professionals and Hoosiers who are working so hard to slow the spread."

At a news conference Monday, the governor once again addressed his actions and took responsibility for what happened.

"No one has been harder on myself than myself over this past weekend," he said. "Cause that would have been the absolute, ideal, perfect opportunity to take that picture properly social distanced with a mask on."

On Monday, Indiana entered "stage two" of its reopening plan that Holcomb says is aimed at getting Hoosiers "back on track by July 4."

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