Indiana Coroner Asks For Help Identifying Urn of Cremated Remains Found Near Golf Course

A brown plastic urn containing a bag filled with cremated remains was found along a bike path near a Hammond, Indiana golf course earlier this month, the Lake County coroner’s office announced Thursday.

The coroner’s office said the Hammond Police Department was called to the bike path on the north side of Lost Marsh Golf Course on Sept. 10 when someone found the urn.

The urn, 8.25 inches deep by 6.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches long, the coroner’s office said. “Triple H,” a company based in Ventura, California, is tamped on the bottom of the urn. A torn sticker with the name “Gardens” and a zip code with the last four numbers “2302” in green writing is on the front, the coroner said.

Anyone with information about the urn is asked to call the Lake County coroner’s office at 219-755-3265.

A manager at Lost Marsh Golf Course said he was unaware of the urn being found and would ask the course's administrator for more details.

Hammond police Lt. Steven Kellogg said the urn was turned over to the coroner's office by Hammond police detectives.

Police had no additional information to provide regarding the urn, he said.

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