Rahm Emanuel

In Latest Ad Rahm Takes Off Sweater But Stays Fuzzy

In the advertisement, titled "Better," the mayor admits he can an even better job in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel displays his soft side again in his latest TV advertisement before the April 7 runoff.

In the advertisement, titled "Better," the mayor touts his greatest achievements, but then he ends it by saying he could do better.

"Chicago is a great city, but we can be even better. And, yeah, I hear ya, so can I," Emanuel says before asking for your vote.

The mayor manages to talk about his successes, such as all-day kindergarten and a purported decrease in crime, while also conceding that more can be done.

For example: "Crime may be down, but there are still too many families ripped apart by senseless violence," he says.

The timing of this latest advertisement shows that the mayor is still grappling with an image problem. On March 3, he released another ad where he admitted he can rub people the wrong way in his quest to make a difference in Chicago.

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia released his latest ad on March 18. Rather than focus on his own flaws, Garcia used the air space to attack Emanuel. He stood outside of one of the 50 schools closed down under Emanuel's watch and told voters he wanted them to elect a school board and make decisions about their children's schools.

"He (Emanuel) took the money from these schools and gave it to elite private schools founded by his big campaign contributors," Garcia said.

The mayor's latest advertisement is likely his last one before the election Tuesday. His numbers have risen in the polls in the last few weeks, but with a high number of voters remaining undecided, the race could still be anyone's game.

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