Illinois Tollway to Provide Motorists Extra Assistance Due to Hot Weather

The Illinois Tollway’s “Hot Weather Patrols” have been activated as the area is expected to experience sweltering temperatures this weekend.

The patrols travel highways to assist motorists during dangerously high temperatures and humidity, according to the agency.

Patrols will stop to help stranded motorists, and can also be reached if drivers call *999 on their mobile phones.

“We are putting additional crews on the road this weekend to help keep our customers safe during these dangerously hot conditions,” Illinois Tollway Executive Director Liz Gorman said.

Motorists using toll roads this weekend are encouraged to take advantage of the oases on the roadways, which can serve as cooling centers for those needing a break form the heat. The agency also encourages motorists to check their fluids and to make sure their vehicle has an emergency kit inside before hitting the road.

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