Illinois is Third-Cheapest State for Drivers: Study

Though it may not seem like it to Chicagoans, it's cheaper to own a car in Illinois than in many other states, according to a new study.

The top three cheapest states to own a car are Iowa, Ohio and Illinois, according to an analysis by The personal finance website analyzed the cost of gas, repairs and insurance across the country.

Drivers in the most expensive states in the country

  1. Iowa $1,942
  2. Ohio $1,973
  3. Illinois $1,999
  4. Idaho $2,001
  5. Wisconsin $2,018

Illinois drivers spend about $343 on auto repairs, $805 on insurance and $852 on gas. Chicago drivers spend more than drivers elsewhere in the state, according to the Chicago Tribune. Chicagoans paid $980 for gas last year compared to $947 across the state.

The national average for drivers' spending is $2,223, but Iowa drivers spend approximately $1,942 each year. Illinois drivers spend an average of about $1,999.

Drivers in the most expensive states in the country

  1. Wyoming $2,705
  2. Louisiana $2,555
  3. Florida $2,516
  4. Mississippi $2,487
  5. New Jersey $2,421

Though Wyoming has below-average costs for car repairs, gas prices and insurance, Wyoming drivers drive 68 percent more than the typical driver, causing them to spend $1,588 each year on gas -- more than any other state in the country.

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