Illinois State Rep. Introduces Bill That Would Create Regulated Psychedelic Therapy Program


In the opening hours of a new legislative session, one Illinois legislator introduced legislation that would establish a regulated psychedelic therapy program in the state.

Democrat La Shawn Ford introduced the Compassionate Use and Research of Entheogens Act, or the "CURE Act", as the first piece of legislation for the new members of the chamber.

The legislation, if passed, would create a regulated psychedelic therapy program under the guidance of an advisory committee. The program would allow adults ages 18 and older to legally seek psychedelic therapy from a trained facilitator at a licensed service center.

To protect patients and providers, the bill also removes criminal penalties for psilocybin, the psychoactive substance found in psychedelic mushrooms.

“I’ve been seeing more and more legitimate scientific evidence, including information coming from the FDA, showing that psychedelic therapy is not only safe, but also very effective, particularly for the toughest patients for whom other treatments have not worked. At the same time, I am also hearing from patients and from their medical providers, that Illinoisans should have access to these exciting new treatment options,” Ford said in a press release.

While the legislation would remove criminal penalties for psilocybin, Ford stresses in the bill's introductory press release that the measure would not allow sale of the substance. Use of psilocybin would only be permitted under the supervision of a licensed facilitator.

Currently, psilocybin is decriminalized and legal for medicinal use in both Colorado and Oregon, with healing centers similar to what Ford proposes set to open next year in Colorado.

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