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Illinois State Police Warn of ‘Spoofing' Phone Calls

What are spoofing phone calls and how can you stay un-spoofed?

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Scammers are using local area state police telephone numbers to "spoof" victims, according to Illinois State Police.

Spoofing occurs when a telephone number is manipulated and disguised to look like a different phone number.

Recently, ISP officials have received phone calls from concerned citizens saying ISP called requesting personal information in order to resolve a police matter. Most commonly, citizens have been asked for their full name, date of birth, social security number and more.

Illinois State Police released an alert on Wednesday with a few factors to consider if you believe you are being spoofed:

  1. Always ask the caller to identify them selves by name.
  2. If an ISP Trooper needs to collect personal information, they will most likely do so in an in-person interview.
  3. An ISP Trooper will never ask for your social security number over the phone.
  4. The Trooper will have knowledge of the incident you were previously involved in if they suggest this is a follow-up phone call.
  5. Stay alert to whether the alleged scammer is being aggressive in their techniques. They will try to create a sense of urgency to gain personal information.

If you receive a phone call and believe you are being spoofed, ISP said to request the name of the caller and tell them you will call back. Then, look up the district phone number they claim to be calling from, then call the number and ask to speak to the trooper whose name you were given. If there is not a trooper by that name, please advise the call taker of the incident that just occurred. 

ISP District telephone numbers can be found on the ISP website:

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