Illinois State Police

Illinois State Police Launch New Initiative to Fight Distracted Driving

State troopers will ride in the cabs of semi-trucks, working to spot distracted drivers

Illinois State Police are looking to crack down on distracted driving this summer, and the agency has launched a new safety initiative called “Trooper in a Truck.”

The program, a partnership between ISP officials, the Illinois Trucking Association, and Cadence Premier Logistics, will utilize semi-trucks to help troopers spot motorists who are distracted while driving.

So far, the state police have conducted “Trooper in a Truck” operations on Interstates 57, 55, and 80, according to a press release.

In the program, troopers will ride in the cabs of semi-trucks and will watch primarily for distracted driving offenses, such as texting and driving. If troopers spot the offending behavior, they will radio ahead to troopers in squad cars, and the police units will be able to take enforcement action.

Phone use must be hands-free in Illinois, the department says.

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