State Senator Not Guilty of Trespassing, Vandalism

suzi schmidt

A Lake County judge on Wednesday afternoon found embattled State Sen. Suzi Schmidt not guilty of misdemeanor trespassing and vandalism.

The charges stemmed from a feud with her neighbor in suburban Lake Villa earlier this year.

Judge George Strickland ruled there was not enough evidence to convict Schmidt, but he barred her from having further contact with her neighbor.

Schmidt pleaded not guilty in June. Her neighbors earlier that month obtained the order to bar Schmidt from coming within 500 feet of their property after she allegedly harassed them for more than a year with phone calls, emails and texts.

Schmidt made news last year when 911 tapes were released of her using her job title to try and persuade police to ignore her husband's domestic disturbance calls.

Despite pressure to resign from office after the allegations against her, the senator stayed on, but later decided not to seek re-election.

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