Driver's License Clerk Aided ID Thieves: Police

Charles DiPrima, of Round Lake, handed out citizens' info for three years, authorities say

There's likely no better way for ID thieves to gain the personal information of their victims than from the people responsible for handing out IDs.

A Round Lake man has been suspended without pay after being accused of handing out the personal information of citizens to other people who then used that information to open credit card and other accounts.

Charles DiPrima, 58, was charged Wednesday with three counts of conspiracy to commit identity theft. For the last 22 years, DiPrima has worked with the Illinois secretary of state's driver’s license division.

Authorities allege he began handing out the information while working at the state's Libertyville facility in 2007.

A spokesman for Secretary of State Jesse White said White wants to fire DiPrima.

"We take these types of activities very seriously," said David Drucker. "We intend for Mr. DiPrima to lose his job and we will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law."

DiPrima who faces up to three years in prison if convicted.  He's scheduled to appear in court Dec. 28.

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