Making a Safe Haven Even Safer

Lilli celebrated one year of life on Thursday, a life filled with family and love that she almost didn't have.

She's the 51st child put up for adoption after being dropped off at a police station, fire department or hospital under Illinois' safe haven law.

Lawmakers think the 2001 law is doing well, but they want to make it even better. Attorney General Lisa Madigan is supporting a House bill to extend the law to accept newborns up to 30 days old. Under the current law children must be less than a week old to be legally dropped off at one of those safe facilities.

A parent who returns to the location where they dropped off their newborn within 72 hours can work with authorities to regain custody.

If you're a parent who is thinking about the safe haven law, call 1-800-510-BABY or go to the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation's Web site.

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