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Illinois Rep. Theresa Mah Tests Positive for COVID-19

Mah said she started experiencing symptoms Thursday afternoon

Theresa Mah Facebook

Illinois Rep. Theresa Mah tested positive for the coronavirus, she announced on Facebook Sunday.

"This morning I learned I tested positive for the COVID-19 virus after experiencing symptoms Thursday afternoon," Mah said in the post.

Mah said her symptoms began with dry, intermittent coughing, developing into fatigue, muscle aches, chills and a possible fever.

"I did my best to hydrate, rest and immediately made arrangements for testing Friday morning," Mah said. "I also began isolating and awaited my results."

After receiving her positive test results, Mah said she immediately notified anyone with whom she had contact, encouraging them to quarantine or get tested.

In her Facebook post, she reminded to prevent the spread of the virus by wearing masks, social distancing, getting frequently tested and avoiding social gatherings

Other Illinois politicians were also affected by the coronavirus this week, such as Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

Pritzker and staff members have tested negative for coronavirus after being exposed to an individual who had tested positive for the virus, the governor’s office announced Saturday.

According to a press release, Pritzker and staff members have tested negative twice for the virus in recent days, both on their weekly test on Wednesday and in a rapid test conducted on Friday afternoon.

Pritzker and his staff were exposed to a COVID-positive individual during a meeting on Monday, forcing the governor to enter isolation on Friday.

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