Jesse Jackson Jr. Visits Chicago — Briefly

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. may have made a quick visit to Chicago last week.

A source who speaks to the embattled congressman told Ward Room on Monday that while he was not seen in public, Jackson stopped in Chicago briefly but is no longer in the area.

It’s also revealed – by a source close to Jackson -- that while he recently returned to the Mayo Clinic for a second stay, he was not admitted as a patient. Rather, Jackson’s most recent visit was as an out patient, shuttling back and forth to Mayo from a hotel.

While the congressman is in the midst of negotiating a plea deal with federal prosecutors and there have been no plans to continue a longtime Jackson holiday tradition. Jackson and his wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th), have often participated in a turkey give away, delivering more than one thousand turkeys to needy families. They won't be doing that this year.

However, at Jackson’s Homewood congressional office, chief of staff Rick Bryant is keeping the office operating in Jackson’s absence.

"We do constituent services every day. People who want Inauguration tickets, we are keeping a list for those who want Inauguration tickets," he said.

As well, staffers are conducting interviews with high school students looking for a Congressional appointment to one of the military academies.

"Making sure our kids who want to go to the military academies will get nominations," said Bryant. 

He  had no comment on the ongoing investigation into alleged misuse of campaign funds.

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