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Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger Walks Back Refusal to Endorse Donald Trump

Kinzinger previously said he could not support the nominee because he had "crossed so many red lines"

Just one month after denouncing Donald Trump, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger walked back his comments about the Republican presidential nominee. 

"Look, I never said I was a never Trump guy," Kinzinger told NBC News' Andrea Mitchell following Trump's speech on foreign policy Wednesday. "I did say though that he was crossing a lot of lines and I think that still holds true."

"I'm not going to spend my time continually going out and rehashing those, but you know from this speech, yeah I mean, read off a teleprompter, you know it was good," he added. 

The GOP congressman said in August that he would not support Trump, and noted that he was considering writing in a candidate on the presidential ballot in November.

"I'm not trying to say to other people that you can't support Donald Trump, I'm saying for me personally, how can I support that?" he told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on August 3. "He has crossed so many red lines that a Commander in Chief, or a candidate for Commander in Chief should never cross."

"I mean look, if I ultimately endorse Trump that'll happen," Kinzinger said Wednesday in response to Mitchell's question about who he will support for president. "If I don't, then I won't be endorsing anybody else like a Libertarian or Democrat, because I don't agree with either of their foreign policies, or you know the domestic policies, frankly, of Hillary Clinton as well."

"I'm hoping that Donald Trump tonight off-script is able to articulate a foreign policy that it's agreeable," he added, referring to a national security forum with both Trump and Clinton scheduled for Wednesday night

Kinzinger is running unopposed in his bid for reelection in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District.

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