Illinois Ranks Among Best Places for Millennials to Live, New List Shows

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Each U.S. state was ranked in order of the best to worst places for millennials to live in a newly released listing, with Illinois coming in among the top spots.

In Wallethub's new list, Illinois was named No. 5 best place for millennials, ranking second in affordability, fourth in education and health and eighth in quality of life. The state also ranked No. 46 in economic health and No. 18 in civil engagement.

Illinois was also said to have the second lowest depression rates among millennials, listed alongside Hawaii, California, Nevada and Florida.

Of other Midwestern states, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and Michigan were all listed among the lowest cost of living in that age group. Iowa was also ranked as having one of the highest home ownership rates and highest number of millennials living with their parents.

Here's where other Midwestern states ranked:

No. 8: Wisconsin
No. 12: Iowa
No. 21: Ohio
No. 24: Michigan
No. 35: Missouri
No. 36: Indiana

Wallethub based their evaluations of all 50 states on a number of factors, from share of millennials to millennial unemployment rate to millennial voter-turnout rate.

According to their methodology, the company ranked states primarily based on five categories: affordability, education and health, quality of life and civic engagement.

For the full list, click here.

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