Illinois Pols React to Obama's Jobs Speech

Illinois leaders react to President Barack Obama's nearly half-trillion plan to jumpstart the economy and put Americans back to work.

Note: We'll add more statements as we get them.

Gov. Pat Quinn:

"Tonight, the President laid out a plan that will put Americans back to work now. We in Illinois applaud President Obama’s vision for American innovation, infrastructure, fiscal responsibility and bipartisanship. As our country recovers from the worst recession in decades, we must invest in our small businesses and the sectors that are creating the jobs of today and tomorrow. I support the President’s plan, and I stand with him in calling on Congress to put aside partisan politics and do their part for America’s working families." 

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Bloomingdale):

"Over the last years, Washington has created economic barrier after barrier for the private sector, impeding their ability to grow our economy  and create jobs. That’s why I was proud to help Speaker [John] Boehner in his efforts to bring job creators to tonight's speech from a range of businesses and sectors, all hurt by the very real world effects of excessive Washington regulations. Americans want real solutions that reduce excessive Washington-imposed regulations and restore certainty to our economy. I hope President Obama and Democrats will join us in supporting real solutions that help our private sector innovate, grow, and create jobs."

Rep Don Manzullo (R-Egan):

"We will certainly work with the President on some of the proposals he discussed tonight to help employers put Americans back to work, such as extending tax incentives to encourage business equipment purchases. But the best way the President could spur job creation in America would simply be to announce a moratorium on tax increases and unnecessary regulatory burdens that threaten on our job creators. These were the main concerns I heard from small employers during several business roundtables I hosted in northern Illinois the past month. Such an announcement by the President would give our employers the certainty and confidence they need to expand their businesses and put Americans back to work."

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