Illinois Pols Rally Around Pelosi For Speaker

Pelosi has been aggressively campaigning for the speakership

While members of Congress are back home in their districts, the lobbying continues for Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House.

There had been a group of Democrats asking for a change, yet late Wednesday with announcements of support from new Illinois Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and others, Pelosi looks to be in good shape to secure her former post.

What does it take to win the post as speaker of the House? Behind the scenes Pelosi has been working members of congress -- promising them committee assignments, creation of subcommittees and of course help financially when they run again in 2020.

Former President Barack Obama -- speaking to David Axelrod this week -- supported Pelosi.

"Her skill, tenacity. Toughness, vision is remarkable," he said.

Likewise Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued a statement on Pelosi.

“I know a tough negotiator when I see one, and I have the utmost respect for leader Pelosi and her strengths,” he said. "This is no time to have a rookie sitting across the table from Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump."

Lauren Underwood announced her decision -- noting that she believes Pelosi will be the one to target issues like health care costs, infrastructure, gun violence, DREAMers and integrity.

Also headed to Congress in January is Chuy Garcia -- he tells NBC 5 he will meet face to face next Tuesday with Pelosi before announcing whom he supports as speaker.

Obama said there's not many like Pelosi when it comes to fighting back tough critics.

"I think Nancy Pelosi, when the history is written is one of the most effective legislative leaders this country has ever seen," he told Axelrod.

Most in Washington say Pelosi is the ultimate negotiator. Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, who had expressed interest in the speaker job, changed her mind after meeting with Pelosi who said Fudge will play a key role in safeguarding voting rights.

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