Illinois State Police

Illinois Police Warn of Trucking Convoy Causing Traffic Delays, Potential Crashes

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Illinois State Police are warning motorists of traffic delays and potential crashes due to an expected trucking convoy starting Saturday.

Police said officials are aware of a planned event along Illinois' interstate corridors until March 5, cautioning those involved that the convoy "could endanger the safety of the motoring public."

“Though the Illinois State Police respects the rights of citizens to express their opinions in a lawful manner, there is great concern with any event that is designed to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic,” ISP Division of Patrol Colonel Margaret McGreal said.

"Those who choose to participate in events that intentionally endanger the public and violate Illinois law will be subject to the enforcement of applicable laws and could potentially be held liable for traffic crashes occurring as a result of their actions," McGreal added.

ISP said in a tweet Saturday: "If you 👀 see criminal activity or reckless behavior, please call ☎️ 9️⃣-1️⃣-1️⃣ and report it."

Earlier this month, NBC News reported that some Facebook groups that have promoted American “trucker convoys” similar to demonstrations that have clogged roads in Ottawa are being run by fake accounts tied to content mills in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Romania and several other countries, according to Facebook.

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