Illinois State Police

Illinois Police Safety Message Gains Traction For Unintended Reasons

Illinois State Police

A post on the Illinois State Police Facebook page is going viral, but not because of its message.

The post about driving safety included a photo of an Illinois State Police officer and many viewers were quick to point out his appearance.

"If this trooper pulls me over, it will definitely be an okay day," one user wrote.

"If all Illinois State Troopers look as good as this guy I drive a white Sonata," another user commented.

"I don't know what I did but I need to be pulled over asap by this guy!" one comment read.

Commenters requested to know where the officer patrols and others jokingly predicted a surge in drivers looking to get pulled over.

The post received nearly 500 comments and more than 175 shares within an hour of being posted.

But while many laughed at the comment section, others criticized it.

"I just want to say, if an equally attractive female trooper was pictured, and men posted the same vile comments some of these women have posted, there would be an uproar," one user wrote.

Illinois State Police have not responded to the commenters.

The message in their posted aimed at getting drivers "to your destination safely!"

"Troopers work hard to ensure the roadways are safe for all motorists! Call 911 to report suspected impaired drivers, wrong way drivers, and reckless drivers," the caption read.

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