Bruce Rauner

Illinois Lawmakers Will Not Return to Springfield Until After November Election

The Illinois General Assembly is scheduled to reconvene for veto session on November 15

Lawmakers will not return to the legislature until after the general election in November, according to the calendar posted on the Illinois General Assembly's website.

The House and Senate will reconvene Nov. 15-17 for the fall veto session. After a break for Thanksgiving, the legislature will return to Springfield from Nov. 29-Dec. 1.

The state’s ongoing budget impasse stretched into its second year last week as lawmakers passed a stopgap compromise to fund schools and pay the state's bills through the end of the year.

After lawmakers failed to pass a comprehensive budget before the end of the spring legislative session, attention shifted to stopgap funding measures to fund K-12 education and other essential government services.

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a temporary budget compromise following a pair of special legislative sessions last week. The governor called the plan “an attempt at good faith and compromise to set up the possibility of a grand compromise.”

He noted that, despite the temporary funding, the legislature would continue working on a complete budget, or “grand compromise."

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