Illinois Lawmakers ‘Get Out The Vote' In Front of Trump Tower

Chicago Democratic lawmakers took their “Get out the Vote” campaign to Trump Tower Thursday.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in attendance to rally voters a month before Election Day.

“You’ve gotta have the judgement, the intellect, the ability to actually have ask tough questions,” Emanuel said Thursday.

The display took place on the same day Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and First Lady Michelle Obama held separate campaigning events.

"This has shaken me to my core in a way I could not have predicted," the first lady said, referring to a vulgar conversation Trump had with former "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush in 2005.

Emanuel and alderman had recently proposed taking down an honorary street sign with Donald Trump’s name on it—but the sign in front of Trump Tower was reportedly already removed by the city’s Department of Transportation. The action was done without waiting for a full City Council vote.

“I understand why they wanted to take that sign down,” Emanuel said Thursday. “It didn’t speak to the values of the city that he was expressing, but more importantly than a symbolic action, the best way to make sure it’s not a symbolic action, but a real action, is to make sure that you turn out the vote in your respective communities.”

Trump is denying allegations of sexual assault and calls them a "coordinated and vicious attack" from the media and Hillary Clinton campaign.

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