Illinois Lawmakers Among Highest Paid in Nation: Report

Illinois lawmakers receive an average of $100,000 in total compensation each year, according to data from the Illinois Policy Institute

Although Illinois is in its second fiscal year without a full budget, a recent report finds state legislators are still some of the highest paid in the nation. 

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, the state’s legislators have the fifth-highest base salary in the Midwest, at $67,836 per year. 

It is more than twice what lawmakers in neighboring Iowa and Indiana earn, according to the data, whose base annual salaries were $25,000 and $24,140, respectively. The only states who are paid a higher base salary than lawmakers in Illinois are New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California, the report said. 

Illinois Policy Institute’s study found the average operating cost to taxpayers for each Illinois lawmaker equaled to more than $100,000 in total compensation for the legislative session that runs January through May.

Most of the lawmakers still maintained lucrative careers outside of the five months of work in the General Assembly, the study notes. 

Illinois lawmakers also bring in additional income for fulfilling leadership roles, the Illinois Police Institute reports. According to the data, Reps. Mike Madigan and Jim. Durkin each received more than $27,000 in additional income for their roles in the House of Representatives. For every leadership position, an additional stipend was given, ranging from $10,327 for committee chairs to $27,477 for House speakers and Senate leaders. 

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