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Illinois House Adjourns Without Passing State Budget, Government Shutdown Looms

Hours before the midnight deadline to pass a state budget and avoid a government shutdown, the Illinois House adjourned without making a budget deal.

Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democratic controlled House have been at a stalemate for weeks concerning the budget plan, and they will now begin planning a temporary fix.

"Tomorrow we will offer what we call an 'essential services' budget. It will be a one-month budget," House Speaker Michael Madigan said during a press conference.

It's unclear if Madigan's budget plan will pass or whether the governor will veto it.

"I am disappointed and frustrated with the General Assembly," Rauner said.

With the failure to pass a budget come several potential budget cuts affecting residents across Illinois. This includes cuts to a variety of state services, from juvenile detention facilities and state museums to programs receiving state funding to help children, the elderly and the disabled.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has said he will make a plan to ensure state workers continue to be paid in the case of a shutdown. A letter obtained by The Associated Press shows that Rauner's personnel agency concluded that he should continue paying state employees full wages during a budget impasse.

The governor also signed a bill last week allowing funds to flow to the state's schools, ensuring they remain open and teachers are paid this fall. The measure increases K-12 education spending by $244 million and early child education funding by $25 million.

Earlier this month Rauner outlined his plans in case of a shutdown. Among the departments that  could face big cuts are the Departments of Children and Family Services, Human Services, Healthcare and Family Services, Juvenile Justice and Employment Security.

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