Illinois Home to 5 of the Best 50 Burritos in US, According to New Ranking

The best-ranked burrito in the state is in Champaign, the Daily Meal reports

You don’t have to go far to find one of the country’s best burritos.

According to a new ranking from The Daily Meal, five Illinois restaurants have some of the top burritos in America for 2018.

The top 50 ranking - based on criteria that included, fresh ingredients, meat and add-on options, customizability, and critic reviews – included three Chicago locations, one suburban eatery and a central Illinois restaurant.

The top-ranked spot for the state was the Asada burrito at Maize Mexican Grill in Champaign, which was listed at no.11. It marks the second food ranking to dub a Champaign restaurant among the best after TripAdvisor named a burger at Farren’s Pub & Eatery the best burger in the state.

The Maize burrito was followed immediately by the Carne Asada burrito at L’Patron in Chicago.

The Super Lomo burrito at La Pasadita in Chicago came in at no. 32, followed by the Steak burrito at El Burrito Mexicano in Lisle at no. 42 and the Chorizo burrito at Irazu in Chicago, which made the cut at no.45.

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