Illinois Holding Nearly $3 Billion in Unclaimed Assets, Treasurer Says

With the end of the year approaching, Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs is encouraging residents to check to see if the state is holding their unclaimed property.

According to the Treasurer’s website, nearly $2.9 billion in unclaimed funds are currently being held by the state, and residents are advised to check with the site to see if they have any property that they can claim.

By filling out a form, residents can check to see if they have property to claim. It is estimated that 1-in-4 residents have property waiting in the state’s database that can be returned to the resident at no charge with proper identification, according to Frerichs’ office.

Individual residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, and local governments all can have unclaimed property, according to the state.

Over the last two years, the Illinois Treasurer’s office has returned more than $300 million in assets to state residents. 

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