It's (Almost) Official: Blago Indictment Coming Today

Burris: Blago will have to "deal with it" himself

Just days away from the deadline to indict ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, federal prosecutors in Chicago said there will be a court filing Thursday about a "significant criminal matter." They wouldn't say the word "Blagojevich," but it's widely expected to be the governor's indictment. 

So you’re going to be indicted, Blago, what are you going to do next? Hunker down with the folks still willing to represent you? Jog (strangely) around your home? No? Disney World it is.

The impeached governor has skipped town and is vacationing in sunny Florida. 

"I can confrim he's not at his home.  He's clearly away to enjoy some time with his family," said Glenn Selig, a publicist for Blagojevich.

The deadline for prosecutors to announce their indictments is April 7, but today is the last day the grand jury is scheduled to meet before that deadline.  

No news conference is likely, especially after the much-publicized arrest and dramatic news conference in December, which U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald caught a lot of flack over.  

As the big moment draws nigh, Blago is getting no support from the man whose political career he restarted.  Sen. Roland Burris said Blagojevich will have to "deal with it" himself, The Hill reported.

It's no accident that Blagojevich headed to Disney World.  He may have left yesterday to avoid the media staking out his home, the Sun-Times reported.   This is also spring break for many Chicago area schools, and the Blagojevichs have two school-age daughters.

The big unknown is whether others be named in the indictment as well.  There is speculation that Patti Blagojevich, the former governor's wife -- as well as Rob Blagojevich, his brother who lives in Nashville -- may be named as well.

The federal government secretly taped Blagojevich for months before his arrest.  Those tapes are expected to play a prominent role in their investigation into his alleged "pay to play" schemes as well as the naming of the Senate replacement for President Barack Obama's Senate Seat.

The criminal complaint in December was 80 pages.  The indictment is expected to be even longer.

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