Gov. Rauner Signs State Disaster Proclamation

Two women were killed in small community of Fairdale in powerful Thursday evening storms

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner said state personnel and equipment were ready to assist communities hit hard by strong storms that hit the northern parts of the state.

"I signed a proclamation -- a declaration -- this morning -- a state disaster declaration that allows us, if we need to, to visit with the federal government about federal support," Rauner said at a midday press conference in the community of Flagg.

He said, however, that he didn't believe federal assistance would be necessary.

Flagg was among the towns that experienced substantial damage when at least two tornadoes damaged a six-county swath Thursday night. Two women from Fairdale were killed and nearly a dozen more were hurt.  

Fairdale residents said there's been an outpouring of help. 

Lt. Carl Bunder, a firefighter from the nearby town of Kirkland, was one of the first people on the scene when at least one tornado struck the small community. Since then, he said there have been calls from all over the region with offers to lend trucks, chainsaws or tractors.

Bunder said that's what "the real America is all about."

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