Illinois Gives Hunters Go-Ahead to Hunt Wild Hogs

National and state officials are encouraging hunters to contain the spread of feral swine

Duck Season? Rabbit Season? Try feral swine.

With hunting season in full swing, national and state officials are calling on the region's hunters to help contain the spread of wild hogs that are wreaking havoc on Illinois' wildlife.

An invasive species, feral swine are known to carry at least 30 diseases that pose serious implications for people, pets and livestock.

Illinois' Departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture said licensed hunters could legally shoot the wild hogs, with the permission of the landowner.

“We are encouraging Illinois hunters – especially the thousands of Illinois firearm deer hunters who will be in the field in coming weeks – to be on the lookout for feral swine and report any sightings to us,” said Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Marc Miller in a statement.

"The dangers of disease, costly damage to the land, and negative impacts on wildlife from the further spread of feral swine in Illinois are significant."

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