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EPA: Halt Work at Cary Plant That Exploded

Illinois EPA Director John Kim wants officials to determined cause of blast, make sure nearby retention pond isn't contaminated



    EPA: Halt Work at Cary Plant That Exploded
    Manufacturing plant in northwest suburban Cary where there were reports of an explosion.

    The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency doesn't want manufacturing to resume at a Cary plant where three employees were injured after a pair of explosions earlier this week, at least not immediately.

    Illinois EPA Director John Kim on Friday asked Attorney General Lisa Madigan to seek a court order preventing Fox Valley Systems from restarting operations at the spray paint and propellant plant, at 640 Industrial Dr., in the far northwest suburb.

    In a statement, Kim said that before the plant is able to restart, officials should determine the cause of the blasts and take preventative and corrective action. Additionally, he said the water sprayed on the complex by firefighters mixed with chemical and firefighting foam and flowed into a nearby retention pond.

    He called for a timely investigation and cleanup.

    Wednesday's explosions and the resulting fire forced the evacuation of 25 nearby businesses. Fox Valley Systems employs more than 20 people, an official said.