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Three DOC Administrators Out in Shakeup

Department of Corrections not explaining personnel moves



    Three DOC Administrators Out in Shakeup

    Two Department of Corrections administrators were fired Friday, and a third resigned, but the agency isn't explaining the reason for the shakeup.

    Gone are Sergio Molina, the Executive Assistant to Director Michael Randle, Chief of Staff Jim Reinhard and Northern Regional Supervisor Jac Charlier.

    "Since this is a personnel issue, the agency cannot comment further," said prisons spokeswoman Sharyn Elman.

    Reinhart resigned from his postion, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Molina, who had been with the state prison system since 1994, told the Chicago Sun-Times that he was not given an explanation for his firing but added that neither he nor his two former colleagues were responsible for the initiatives that saw some violent criminals released from prison after very brief stays.

    Under the program, called meritous good time push, "good conduct credits" could be given to some inmates.  But some were given credit immediately upon entering prison and were released after a few weeks.

    Quinn later halted the program and publicly admonished Randle but did not fire him.  

    State Sen. William Delgado told the Chicago Tribune he believed Molina was being used as a "scapegoat," but the agency refutes that claim.