Illinois Commission Launches Investigation Into Lincoln Towing

The Illinois Commerce Commission has launched an investigation into Lincoln Towing in Chicago, questioning the company’s license after dozens of alleged violations.

Lincoln Towing Service’s vehicle relocator license is set to expire in July 2017, but the ICC called the company’s license into question on account of multiple violations, according to a release from the commission.

Since July 2015, the ICC Police Department said it has opened 166 investigations into Lincoln Towing’s operations with allegations ranging from improper invoicing to the relocation of authorized vehicles to motorists being overcharged. Of those investigations, 47 were closed -- 15 due to lack of jurisdiction and 32 with no finding of violation – while 28 resulted in a violation and seven ended with the company resolving the matter with the motorist. At least 92 citations are still pending.

“We are seeing things from the invoicing being suspicious, not giving enough facts, also hearing about call lots where it's almost like they are stalking lots which is inappropriate,” said Danish Hall with the ICC. “Also word of authorized cars being towed.”

Lincoln Towing Service did not immediately respond to NBC Chicago’s request for comment Thursday.

The latest investigation into the towing company, officially known as Protective Parking Service Corporation, will involve a “fitness hearing.”

“This investigation will examine the company’s management and conduct, and whether it is in fact fit to hold a license to operate in Illinois,” Commissioner Miguel del Valle said in a statement.

The fitness hearing will take into consideration “criminal records of owners and employees or agents of the company, the company’s safety record, and any other facts that may bear on the company’s fitness to hold a license,” the commission said.

The ICC is also encouraging all people with complaints against the company to come forward.

Mambo Guzman said he was towed years ago by Lincoln Towing after parking in what he said was a “definitely legal” spot.

“It was a lot of money for me at the time,” Guzman said.

Earlier this month, a Chicago family said their car was unfairly towed away from behind their Irving Park home.

A date for the fitness hearing has not yet been set.

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