Lincoln Towing's License Revoked by ICC

Lincoln Towing, a company that has frequently found itself mired in controversy over its decades in operation, has had its license revoked by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

The unanimous 5-0 vote was conducted on Wednesday as the result of a state investigation into the company’s practices.

“After an extensive proceeding during which staff presented evidence of over 800 unauthorized property seizures by the Licensee the Commission finds, based on a preponderance of the evidences, that Lincoln Towing Service has not conducted its business with honesty and integrity,” the commission said in a statement. “It is – in fact – unworthy to be entitled to hold a Commercial Vehicle Relocators License and that its license shall be immediately revoked.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the ICC’s police department issued 180 citations to Lincoln Towing during an eight month span in 2015 and 2016.

Over the years, the company has been accused of improperly towing thousands of vehicles and has been issued numerous citations for its actions. Motorists have also been overcharged by the company when trying to retrieve their vehicles, according to the ICC, and the company has also been cited for inadequate signage and improper invoicing.

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