Ike the Dog Loving Life After Rescue

A year ago, Ike the dog ran amuck on the Eisenhower Expressway. Today, he's happy in his new, quiet life

Just a year ago, a four-legged friend captured hearts and news cameras in Chicago as he weaved in and out of rush hour traffic for two days on the Eisenhower Expressway. 

The dog, named Ike after the expressway he was rescued on, has come a long way from dodging and skittering away from heavy traffic.The pooch is now lavished with love by everyone from fans on his Facebook page to Gov. Pat Quinn.

Yet, it wasn't that long ago when people were glued to their TVs, worried the little guy wouldn't make it.

The brown and black pit bull evaded IDOT trucks, jumped barriers and even went for a dip in the Des Plaines River before police finally coaxed him into their car. Choppers followed the whole doggie drama as news outlets broadcasted the story live.

Not long after, Ike was placed in foster care with Steve Zorn of Precious Pets Amost Home. Zorn sorted through hundreds of emails and phone calls of people interested in the dog before he found the right family in the north suburbs. Today, the only time Ike sees a highway is from the safety of his adoptive family's car windows.            

Ike now spends his time attending fundraisers, promoting animal adoption and supporting his K-9 friends in the news. On his days off, he snuggles with his friends on his own futon or plays in his yard. 

Fans can read the latest on Ike's new, quiet life and all that he's been up to on his Facebook page.

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