Ike Dog Heads to Foster Home

Rush hour pooch begins new adventure in foster care

He survived rush-hour traffic, now it’s time for a new adventure.

Ike, the stray dog who captivated audiences with two days worth of activity on the Eisenhower Expressway, has  been moved to a new temporary home. The Chicago charity Precious Pets Almost Home placed the rush-hour pooch with a foster family until a permanent one can be found.

"I'll take him home at minimum for a couple of weeks so I can evaluate him," Steve Zorn, with Precious Pets Almost Home, said. "What we want is a permanent home. We want the next home for Eisenhower to be a loving one."

The young pit bull spent a week recovering at the Hillchester Hospital for Animals in Hillside.

"He's going to get some rest and relaxation this week," Zorn said.

Anyone interested in adopting Ike should e-mail precepts@gmail.com.

Click here for a list of local Pitbull Rescue Centers.

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