If You’re Kicked Out of a Bear Game, Get Ready to Go to School

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The NFL is getting creative in trying to keep fans from getting unruly and getting kicked out of football games. Before fans who were removed from a stadium for being unruly are allowed back in the stadium, they will have to take a $75 online course and pass a test about proper conduct.

"We're not trying to squash anyone's passion. We're just trying to say don't be violent," Dr. Ari Novick, a licensed psychotherapist who developed the idea, told the New York Post. 

We have suggestions for extra questions that should be posed to Bears fans before they're allowed anywhere near Soldier Field again: 

1. You see a fan wearing a cheesehead, Aaron Rodgers jersey, and green and gold Zubaz pants. What do you do? 

A) Throw your beer at him 

B) Yell, "Packers suck!" in his general direction. 

C) Roll your eyes and walk past him silently, knowing that you're just better than he'll ever be. 

The answer is C. Bears fans don't need to remind Packers fans that they are the worst. We know it. They know it. The silence will do a better job reminding him than any words. 

2. Who is the greatest running back of all time?

 The answer is Walter Payton. Any fan who can't remember that has drank too much over the course of his/her lifetime.

 3. Where is there a timeout?

 On the field. Duh.

If a fan is drunk enough to be thrown out of the game and can't answer every one of those questions correctly, he/she isn't worthy of a seat at the game.

Or, fans who are lucky enough to go to games should try this. Don't be the moron who has to be kicked out from a Bears game. Tickets are expensive and the waiting list for season tickets is ridiculously long. There are people who would love to take your place. If you want to have a few drinks to enjoy the game, do it. Have a ball. But when you become so drunk and/or disorderly that security has to remove you from the field and require you to take a course before the NFL will allow you back on their premises, you're ruining the fun for everyone else.

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