IDOT To Revise Circle Interchange Construction Plans

The agency is taking nearby residents' concerns to heart, according to a report

There's hope for those who live and work near Chicago's Circle Interchange.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is taking neighbors' complaints to heart and reportedly is changing plans for the interchange's renovations.

The Chicago Tribune reports IDOT has agreed to put more distance between a proposed on-ramp and a nearby condo building after some of the owners complained the proposed ramp was too close to their windows.

About 400,000 cars pass through the Circle Interchange every day, and according to IDOT, an average of three crashes happen on it every day. That's why plans are in the works for a complete overhaul. 

The interchange, constructed in the 1950s, hasn't seen any significant updates in 50 years. IDOT says if nothing changes, traffic congestion will increase by 50 percent over the next 25 years.

A new design would reduce traffic congestion by half, according to IDOT, by adding an extra lane in each direction on both the Ryan and the Kennedy, extra ramps and ramp lanes connecting I-290 and I-90/94, and building noise walls to protect nearby neighborhoods.

The condo owners aren't the only ones who aren't thrilled with these plans. Some in Greektown also have complained it will be an eyesore that will cut the neighborhood off from the rest of the city and hurt businesses and restaurants.

If you want to chime in on the debate, IDOT is hosting a public hearing Thursday evening.

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