IDOT Denies It’s Cutting Back On Road Salt

An IDOT driver called NBC 5 Investigates to say IDOT is cutting back on the amount of salt it's spreading on the roads.

That driver says an order was issued from the Springfield bureau to only apply 100 lbs of salt per lane mile, rather the usual 300 to 400 lbs of salt per mile.

The IDOT driver says the state is using a different kind of salt and he's concerned that mixture is not as safe.

He also indicated IDOT's supply is dwindling as 6 ton trucks are going for pickups, but being told to only take 3 tons of salt.

Tom Breier of Ice Melts Chicago says he's received calls from IDOT looking for more salt, but he's unable to help.

Late this afternoon, IDOT spokeswoman Jae Miller told NBC 5 Investigates that the allegations are "absolutely false," and that IDOT is not cutting back on salt spreading. Miller said the amount of salt used to treat roads depends on the weather."

Miller also noted that "IDOT has an adequate supply of salt at this time and we have not problems with availability from vendors."

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