Hundreds of Nearly-Naked Cyclist Expected to Ride Around Chicago This Weekend

The World Naked Bike Ride returns to Chicago on Aug. 14


On Saturday night, lots of nearly-naked cyclists are expected to ride 14 miles around the streets of Chicago to "call attention to the world's dependence on oil and cyclist safety."

The annual demonstration intends to highlight the low-carbon impact of bicycling as a mode of transportation. This year the importance of consent and body positivity will also be emphasized. 

“This is a *very* non-sexual event and collectively we strive to uphold wonderful standards such as self-reliance,” the World Naked Bike Ride- Chicago stated on its Facebook page.

As soon as 8:30 p.m. hits, Chicagoans can expect to see the group on the streets. 

Due to COVID-19, there will not be a party at the end of the ride like previous years. 

“For the sake of COVID, we're really focusing on the demonstration itself,” Elizabeth Tieri, the lead organizer for the Chicago ride, told Time Out Chicago.

Full nudity is illegal in Chicago, so some cyclists wear “bare-as-you-dare outfits” ranging from body paint to fanciful costumes to beachwear. 

Organizers asked everyone to arrive clothed and keep them at hand at all times.

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