Human Hummingbird Nest Under Construction

The TV show hosts of Nat Geo Wild's "Live Like an Animal" series are about to get a bird's eye view of living in the wild - literally.

Construction begins Thursday on a human-sized hummingbird nest for the series at Lincoln Park Zoo. Hosts Lloyd Buck, Matt Thompson and James Cooper will live in the nest for a day on Monday.

The team will also complete challenges for the filming of the show to simulate real-life hummingbird survival. The challenges include:

  • Consuming a can of pop every 10 minutes, simulating hummingbird calorie intake
  • Using a human-sized replica of a hummingbird's tongue to scoop nectar up at 13 licks per second
  • Flying in Chicago's Air and Water Show Aug. 20-21 to experience the g-force of a hummingbird dive

The team has previously completed similar challenges in London and New York City, living in a beaver lodge and a wasp nest.

Construction on the nest is planned to be completed Monday, but fans are allowed to watch the construction's progress. More information can be found on the Lincoln Park Zoo's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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