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Judge: Football Star Who Threw Neighbor Off Balcony Was Insane

Hubert Thompson thought neighbor poisoned food, marijuana



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    Hubert Thompson

    A DuPage County judge has acquitted a former high school football player of charges alleging he tossed a neighbor to his death from a third-floor apartment balcony.

    DuPage County Judge Peter Dockery ruled Thursday that Hubert Thompson was insane when he hurled 66-year-old James Malone to his death on March 30, 2007. Dockery ordered the 31-year-old Thompson to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and receive treatment.

    When arrested, Thompson told police he killed Malone because he believed the man secretly poisoned his food and his marijuana. Dockery ruled Thompson committed the killing, noting his mental state left him unable to understand he was committing a crime.

    "He believed what he was doing at that point was justifiable, though it was not," Dockery said in his ruling.

    During a brief bench trial, psychologist John Murray testified Thompson was insane at the time of the killing because of his delusional and paranoid symptoms.

    In June, however, psychological reports found Thompson mentally competent for trial, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

    Thompson said nothing during Thursday's hearing.